Project “PORTS PLUS – Promoting Resilient, Sustainable and Smart Transport and Logistic activities in the South Adriatic Area’

The Project will aim at validating and capitalizing on contents produced within the PORTS WPT3 report and webinars to build a comprehensive capacity building path realized through workshop and seminars addressed to a targeted audience: students of Transport and Logistic topics, public and private operators and interested professionals.

In particular, Project PORTS PLUS will provide the opportunity to update and uptake the project PORTS WPT3 knowledge and contents, by taking into account, on the one side, the profound challenges regulators calling for a new growth plan aimed at transforming the EU into a carbon-free economy by 2050.

These phenomena will require ambitious and new responses to strengthen the resiliency, sustainability and smarter of all T&L activities of the South Adriatic and North Ionian Sea area.

This may include:

  1. Boosting green projects and investments to reduce the transport dependence on fossil fuels and promote clean energy and sustainable T&L systems;
  2. promoting the deployment of technology-based solutions (based on AI, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain) to improve the T&L performance and promote the digitalization of processes;
  3. Creating transport and mobility systems that are for all and ensure the highest standards of safety and security.

At international level, PORTS PLUS is consistent with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (ASD), the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change and UN IMO GHG strategy in reducing CO2 from maritime transport sector.

At European level, it is consistent with the EU strategy regarding more efficient, sustainable and resilient transport reflecting the EU Green Deal Policies and regulations. At macro-regional level, it contributes to the EUSAIR Cross Cutting issue “Capacity building”.

The project implementation will allow to identify synergies with other initiatives and develop new common knowledge to be further capitalized in 21 – 27 EU Programmers (such as, Horizon Europe, Digital Europe, Erasmus + and Life) supporting the EU’s twin objectives of a green transition and digital transformation.

To reach its objectives, the PORTS PLUS Capacity Building Path will encompass six cross – border Workshop with the purpose of providing specific information and tools to face the main challenges linked to the implementation of Resilient, Sustainable and Smart Transport and logistics activities in the South Adriatic Area.  These will include:

One Workshop /seminar will be organized in Albania PP2 (Albania Institute of Transport) on Date 20 December 2022, on theme of “Port Energy Consumption Management Strategy and Plan”. The seminar will deepen the concept energy Efficiency, which is becoming more interesting for ports and governments alike, as they realize that substantial energy saving can be obtained through rationalization of operation, adoption of new technologies and use of renewable energy sources. The meeting will provide indicators on the drafting of Energy Management Strategies and plans in order to control and minimize the quantity and the cost of energy used.

At this end, potential beneficiaries/target user to be involved in the capacity building path are:

  • Students of Transport and Logistics topics,
  • Interested professionals and their professional associations,
  • Local, regional and national public authorities, including port/airport authorities;
  • Regional development and innovation agencies;
  • Transport associations;
  • Higher Education and training organization,
  • Universities and research Institutes;
  • SMEs, startups and technological solutions providers.

In order to better frame and identification of target groups and to meet their needs and demands, project activities will be supported by a careful Stakeholder Analysis, which will be conducted after the project start for each of the three Programmer Countries.

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